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13th Amendment Eradication / Hire Ex-Cons

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Consider: We all have made mistakes in life whether we have been subject to prosecution of a felony or not. 

Consider: We all have the ability to change and make a difference.

With that in mind, I am a reformed man who spent time in both juvenile facilities (homes) and Michigan prisons. 

As of July 21, 2021, I have been free from physical bondage 11 years. To me that's a tremendous accomplishment, but I still wear the stamp on my forehead of a "legalize slave" who gets discriminated against because of my felonies as a young man, some might even say a child because I was only 16 when I went to prison.

On July 21, 2010, I was released at 34 years old and within 30 days, got my Michigan State License, started a business (Reputations Cleaning Service) cleaning houses and started college at Davenport University. I would have been rich by now but doors closed so fast in my face when the business world found out I was a "legalized slave". 

Temp service is the gateway to the "legalized slave" because most major companies, law enforcement agencies and government won't hire you with a felon. And why not? Why won't you hire us? We work hard - we work harder.

I believe that Ex Cons should make up a reasonable percentile of our local, state and federal employment to balance the overall environment. Because, to be truthful, it ain't whether you like it or not a person is an Ex-Con, it's a matter whether you know it or not he's an Ex-Con. 

Ex-Cons have a right to vote, but can't try out for police academy. We need to start look at those who have been left behind, those who have been use to being last, and allow them some room to help guide us into a civilized world. 

Consider: White man, Black man, Chinese man and Ex-Con man. All are Detroit police officers. Chinese man say, "Look, that man and woman are climbing through that window, it's a break in progress!" White man grabs his hip as he exits the squad car and the rookie black cop follows him as they draw their weapon on the couple. The Ex-Con yells, "wait, wait, wait!", "They have no shoes or socks on, they're locked out the house". And all four sighed in relief and was grateful for that prompt insight. 

Please consider Equality for Ex Cons, help us start businesses that can employ more ex cons. We work hard - we work harder.

Thank you for this opportunity to speak what was on my thoughts about people not wanting to go to work. Well I want to go to work but I also want to be paid what I'm worth and not have to feel the future of my potential job, business or career is going to be compromised based on the silent treatment of the 13th Amendment.




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