Federal Contracting (Procurement)

503 enforcement

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The CCD Employment and Training Task Force urges DOL to enhance its Section 503 enforcement practice to ensure that people with disabilities are not discriminated by federal contractors. Section 503 requires affirmative outreach and hiring of people with disabilities by federal contractors. Yet these programs are underutilized. DOL needs to ramp its efforts to ensure that Federal contractors do not discriminate qualified job candidates and their workforce. In order to gain a better understanding of challenges relating to discrimination and the fear of retaliation, we strongly recommend DOL to facilitate more focused 503 enforcement, building upon the focused reviews done in the past Administration, but with a stronger emphasis on targeting bad actors and supporting compliance of contractors. As part of this, we recommend targeted training to auditors, providing them with the right tools so that they can ask questions that would allow them to identify non-compliance risk factors and dig deeper on enforcement issues of certain contractors.




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