Unemployment Insurance Program

A more holistic approach to program integrity

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Currently, program integrity focuses almost exclusively on overpayments and potential cases of fraud by individual claimants. This focus has contributed to twice as many workers being improperly denied benefits, disproportionately impacting workers of color. DOL should issue guidance telling states to meet other measures with equal rigor, including focusing on first payment timeliness, recipiency, and appeals timeliness and accuracy. This should include reforming metrics to make sure equity is taken into consideration. States should have to meet standards for groups that have historically been shut out of the program and face the biggest barriers. Without targeted metrics, states will continue to only focus on providing the best services for a majority of claimants without a focus on those who face the biggest barriers. Program integrity should mean that access is equal for workers of color, people with limited English proficiency, people with disabilities, people on the other side of the digital divide, and workers in non-traditional work as well as ensuring timely benefits.




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