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Equal educational opportunities for all Americans should not be an issue in 2021. 


     * North Dakota still does not have a free K-12 public school option. There are paid options that are automatically exclusive.


     * Fargo North Dakota in 2021 is currently working to build a completely separate school for special needs children; under the pretense of keeping them safe. I have had quite a few interactions with the educational system here in North Dakota. Pertaining to my special needs child. It is clear that the state is not trying to protect it's special needs children. North Dakota is trying to separate them to get them out of the way, so the special needs children and their families will not be an issue for the "normal children" and their families.


     * There are a wide variety of barriers that are keeping certain individuals from their full potential. Such as, one cannot reach for something better without the notion. Individuals cannot pursue a goal when they do not know what they do not know. Meaning people in many communities have no idea about life insurance, stocks, or simply how to responsibly wheeled credit.




Affirmative action it is not a crutch. What it is is a guaranteed small crack in the door of opportunity.


     * As a person of color living in the predominantly Caucasian state of North Dakota. The honest reality is that people do not understand the depth of negative/positive race relations. The majority of the individuals here do not realize that they are exhibiting racist behaviors. I do not believe for the most part majority in Fargo and West Fargo, ND are actually racist. However, it is clear that an individual cannot be proficient in dealing with diverse cultures, when they have never interacted with those outside of their closed circle. 




At-Will Employment allows employers to overstepped in every way imaginable. Leaving employees feeling helpless, Powerlessness leads to a disloyal, angry unmotivated workforce.


      * When a Caucasian employer here in North Dakota comes in contact with an individual that they fear or do not understand the employer can immediately terminate employment. Once The employee has been fired there is no recourse.




Checks and balances from education, employment to healthcare in each state should not be done solely by that state. Unfortunately, when people are rubbing elbows with each other in the same state they become too friendly and tend to overlook things are flat out lie.


     * Here in North Dakota it is a known fact that each and every agency government and non-government alike will circle the wagons to protect their lies before actually helping the individual or individuals in need.




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