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Combining Education about FMLA with Leave Requests

Description :

Some employers offer different types of maternity/paternity leave (paid/not paid).  Many employees share that they need to take leave or PTO due to a caregiving responsibility. It would beneficial to be made aware of the Family Medical Leave Act eligibility at the point of these leave requests.  Additional education and support could help employees with various caregiving responsibilities be more informed of their rights.  It would be beneficial to extend the Military Family Leave to include veteran family leave for those no longer on active duty.  

Greater outreach and education to employees about caregiving support and FMLA would be greatly appreciated and may keep more women in the workforce.

Additionally, public service announcements, community partners, resource tables and others may provide another opportunity to share about FMLA and Military Family Leave so that more employees are aware of this law. 

Paid leave for caregiving would be best to support the workforce in balancing life and employment.





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