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I recently had discrimination along with other issues with a company I had worked for for 14 years and had a case against them. Well I was informed that I couldn't file a few of issues against the employer because of the amount of employees. I don't care if you have 1 employee or 500 employees discrimination is discrimination and with laws like that in place employers know they can get away with treating those employees just horribly.All employment laws should apply to employee's. Also when a employee does what DOL tells them and files suit and evenif employee wins, make sure you cover them on the backside of that suit. Once my suit was over the employer retaliated against me and I was treated horribly and when I contacted EEOC and DOL I was told that there wasnt enough employees with company for them to enforce what I was stating. So at DOL's advice and taking the company to court,cost me a job that I had for 14 years with No Severance pay, nothing




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