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Equity for older persons with disabilities in Federal Agencies

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Not everyone advances from high school to higher education. Those who took years to catch up to advance their education and recieve a Bachelors degree need to be considered in the federal workplace.

I have worked with a young man for over 20 years who graduated with a Bachelors degree and continues after 60 job applications to seek employment including federal government opportunities in Public Affairs. In the mean time this individual has interned for a non profit as a photographer and videographer for over a decade.  He was also appointed by 2 Governors for 2 terms to the Florida Developmental Disability Council creating public policy for 8 years as a volunteer 

If any department needs to have representatives with disabilities it is Public Affairs -right smack in the middle of the media! Why is there no opportunities for People with disabilities who have hands on experience offered opportunities by Federal Agencies?

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