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Executive Order on Racial Equity and Support for the Underserved trending idea

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The executive order on racial equity and support of the underserved has already been established.  Our labor law is against discrimination and harassment due to religion, age, ethnicity, gender, disability, or race.  There's not anything else to do beyond that.  Despite what Biden and his people say, America doesn't discriminate against underserved communities, including women, people of color, LGBTQ+ people, people with disabilities, and others.  Of course, you're always going to have some people who discriminate, but that's their opinion, and nobody can make them change their minds, but people need to accept that and move on with their lives.  Somehow, there are many immigrants, legal ones, which have come to America with nothing and are successful., as well as people of color and disabilities, women, and LGBTQ.  If they're capable of working hard to succeed, everybody else can do the same.  Most Americans accept LGBTQ +.  Our town has a gay man on the Chamber of Commerce that has done so much for our town, and people love him, he's a wonderful person, and that's how we judge him by the kind of person he is.    That is the key; it's not about a person's race, sexual preference (why that's anybody's business, I don't get, especially the government), sex, and disabilities, but the kind of person they are and as in the workplace, their qualifications.  This hiring people by their race, sex, sexual preference, and disabilities alone will only benefit those people financially but ends up discriminating against those that worked hard to be successful and doesn't help the clientele of the business that hired them.  By not hiring the most qualified person for the job but hiring by diversity alone is ludicrous.  It used to be that work and determination were the way to success.  America has opportunities for all people, and it's up to them to take them.




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