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Farmworker Justice & UFW Foundation Priorities for Racial Equity

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Almost every farmworker in the country falls into at least one—if not more—of the categories of underserved communities set forth in President Biden's Executive Order on Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government. The overwhelming majority of farmworkers today are Latino, most live and work in rural areas, and nearly a quarter of farmworker families have incomes below the federal poverty line. Farmworkers' wages rank among the lowest of any occupation. Approximately two-thirds report Spanish as their primary language, with many workers speaking indigenous languages, and the average educational attainment is 9th grade. Moreover, the history of agricultural labor in the United States is a history of racism, beginning with the era of slavery and persisting to this day. The exclusion of farmworkers from laws establishing key labor protections was wrong at the time the legislation was written, when race-based motivations lead to the exclusion of Black farmworkers, and it is wrong now, when an estimated four out of every five farmworkers are Hispanic/Latino.

Please see the attached document for recommendations from Farmworker Justice and UFW Foundation on the following outreach and education issues:

  • Equip Community-Based Organizations to Conduct Labor Rights Outreach
  • Ensure Language Access
  • Strengthen Intergovernmental Collaboration on Farmworker Outreach




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