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Knowing Your Rights

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Many employees are unaware of their rights in the workplace. The understanding of these rights can become more difficult for employees to truly understand as they may differ from state to state or sector to sector. I believe the DOL offers classes and trainings on the rights of employees and responsibilities of employers. This education could be offered to both current employees as well as unemployed individuals as they enter the workforce or apply to open positions. This education would help employees know their rights and be able to identify when their rights are being infringed upon. If they are able to identify it, they can draw attention to it and ensure that employers who are infringing on their rights are held accountable. This training, on the other side, could be valuable to the employers as they understand their responsibilities better. Some may be infringing on the rights of employees simply because they aren't completely aware of their responsibilities either. This could be extremely beneficial to smaller business, minority business, first time business owners as they may be at a disadvange with the information on this project.




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