Equitable Federal Contractor Workplaces

Many Companies Deny their status as Federal Subcontractors

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  I worked For Biontech in 2020, and despite the fact that the Pfizer-Biontech Federal contract was all over the news, no determination of Biontech's Federal subcontractor status was ever made. I was involved in an an internal EEO inquiry during this time and Biontech denied having Federal subcontractor status.

As an insider at Biontech, I have credible evidence that Biontech supplied Pfizer with materials in order for Pfizer to fulfill their Federal Contract. However there seems to be no interface at the OFCCP for insiders to report that their company is supplying a federal subcontractor, but is not complying with Federal Regulations for Contractors.

When I tried to report this, my complaint was sloughed off as a discrimination complaint and sent directly to the EEOC. No determination of Biontech's subcontractor status was made, despite my complaint.

My recommendation: 1) Create a portal where insiders or others can report that their company is supplying a federal contractor, but is in denial about their responsibilities and 2) Set up a portal where insiders can report violations of federal regulations that are not discrimination complaints. For example an HR employee could report as a whistleblower that her company illegally filters applicants by presumed National Origin, based on their names and foreign work history.




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