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Regularly engage with worker centers

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Worker organizations – such as labor unions and worker centers – provide the necessary vehicle for workers to organize collectively and build their own power. Strong worker organizations are required to combat increasingly precarious working conditions and the ever-growing imbalance of power between employers and workers. This Administration must focus on increasing collaboration with worker centers and other non-union worker advocacy organizations, reinstating previous crucial policies and key rules, and building support for transformative new policies that will adequately address the challenges facing workers in our at-will and fissured system of work.

It is crucial for this Administration to demonstrate its stated commitment to racial justice, gender equity, and BIPOC and immigrant workers' rights by engaging regularly and directly with workers, community-based organizations, and workers' rights advocates through the entirety of the Administration's term. This engagement must be based on principles of partnership and inclusion, going far beyond mere sharing of information, and instead embodying true inclusion of leaders from impacted communities and workers' advocates in assisting the Administration in carrying out its mission to achieve racial equity through an economic recovery that centers working families, and specifically, to ensure compliance with federal employment, labor, and civil rights laws.

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