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Back in 1896 the U.S. Supreme Court under skewed judgement made a mistaken determination in PLESSY v.. FERGUSON, 163 U.S. 537, 16 S.Ct. 1138, 41 L.Ed. 256 (May 18, 1896.) "Separate but Equal" was rendered. This was corrected through Brown v. Board of Education, 347 U.S. 483 (1954)  where the Court correctly determined that equality is without any bias or discrimination or it is not Equal. 

   The present and past U.S. Government  officals-agents-orginizatiins has funded or subsidized education of immigrants for employment. Presently also offering funding to help them become self supportive and become employed yet punishing American Citizens through employment restrictions that are not equally shared with the illegal immigrants/"refugees"/"undocumented immigrants".   And amnesty has as well been granted to millions of illegal immigrants erasing their illegal transgressions; yet there is no such "amnesty" afforded American Citizens. 

   How can equality be born in a society intent on hate and discrimination? It cant.  

American Citizens are a class and race together. Look at the Olympics or other world class sporting events, it is "America" competing against other nations even though these are individuals      competing; it is a Nation that is recognized. Hence any who don't want to a member of the class needs to enroll in a different community.

  As one Nation we each need to have equal opportunity at free or subsidized education and employment




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