The ADEA and age discrimination

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How is it that we have a law to avoid age discrimination but every application for employment is allowed to ask the date you graduated and other questions that tell your age? This only allows employers to discriminate without tell-tale signs. All dates should be banned from all employer application processes. Educational Institutions can verify graduation without dates. 

You cannot enforce a law that denies discrimination, while it allows for discrimination. Employers should be forced to drop all questions and requests regarding information that exposes documentation of age. The ADEA asks employers to police their own discrimination with no consequences unless their activity is purely blatant with comments and activities that flaunt their ignorance of the law.

The ADEA was created to protect the age group which is now the largest generation ever, the baby boomer generation. With young workers not returning to work and older workers retiring early during these uncertain times this country needs our older workers to come back to the workforce. Employers need incentives to hire older Americans that do not hinge on their unconscious bias. 

Please consider what can be done to truly enforce the ADEA so the most qualified people can fill the empty roles left behind by this pandemic.




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