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Being that there are certain jurisdictional thresholds in place for equal employment opportunity for EO 11246, and VEVRAA, there should be a threshold in place for underserved geographic communities.

When it comes to gender, race and sexuality, diversity has been at the forefront of equity in the workplace for many years. One form of inequality that has been absent is discrimination based on social class or socio-economic background, which could be assumed by where someone lives or their zip code. A person deemed from the wrong part of town may be looked over for a position or red-lined.

In the 1960s, sociologist John McKnight coined the term "redlining" to describe the discriminatory practice of fencing off areas where banks would avoid investments based on the racial makeup of certain communities. Have we eradicated this problem today?

The DOL should create a threshold for federal contractors to reinforce the need to recruit, hire and retain underserved communities. And when looking at the employee equity within the workplace, reference location and DMA demographics.



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