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When someone files a complaint

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So when someone files a complaint don't pass the buck to the next agency,check the facts ,don't automatically just pass it on  I went to the self, first they decided me to labor commission,they refured me wage n hour division,and 2 yrs latter they said we have chossen not to pursue your case. Well why not I live in very low income prodjects went to work thru sec 3. IAM a sfs partisapaint, and the llc the housing authority formed to manage the sister property I worked at and was the only one for almost 6 months  on property besides construction workers not even managment was their.this is 119 unit complex,and only was paid 11.00a hr, even tho in mortgage closing contract monies were taken n put in escrow account to pay maintenance workers prevailing wage as well as the retirement, and other bennifits,and the eeoc paperwork said they could not intimadate or retaliate against me,but that's exactly what they did,and to top it all off because h/a employees don't pay federal taxes they pay in to a state retirement fund.they took out no fereral withholding from my pay. And still today I can't get no one  to help me so we're do I go?




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